Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Making of the Romanian "Buddy Bear"

So what is it like to tell the story of a cultural heritage combined with the story of being an artist in Berlin?

These were the very questions I had while working on the "Buddy Bear" that represents Romania in the "United Buddy Bear" exhibition.  

Not entirely easy to address, but definitely fun formulating behind an easel while mixing up colors. 

The answers I came by gradually originate in the profound bond I have with the Romanian folklore and religious painting - byzantine paintings to be more precise. 
Some of the answers that I would get on one day, would evolve into new and difficult questions on the following one.  
(I've summarized some of my views in the catalog).

But feel free to look at the bear, either in Berlin Hauptbahnhof or on line, and ask away through the "comments" box. I will try to find the answer to your  questions,or maybe, by looking at the Bear, you might find the answers to questions I'm still seeking myself.  

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