Sunday, January 17, 2010

Icons - On the Art of Painting on Glass

My icons on glass blend in themes from Bible readings. The one above represents The Last Supper. Most of my icons are free from the constraints imposed by the techniques used to create icons on wood, in the manner of Byzatine masters.

Several centuries ago icons on glass were used as an object of cult, but also as a decorative element that would represent the biblical themes for those who could not read.
In their earlier days, icons on glass were also a token of prestige, as glass was still an expensive material at the time this technique became popular.

As  that I write this note on painting on glass, I think of a quote from Joseph Joubert:

"Light is the shadow of God: clarity is the shadow of light", or in French, in the orginal:

"La lumière est l’ombre de Dieu: la clarté, l’ombre de la lumière".

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