Monday, September 3, 2018

My New Book "Pictopoems of Berlin" Available Now In Paperback

Wie freuen uns die Erscheinung unseres Buches "Pictopoems of Berlin" (Pictopoems von Berlin), die original Kunst von Tatiana Arsénie mit Gedichten von Irina Moga vereinigt anzukündingen.
Das Buch is auf verfügbar. 

Dear friends:

I am very glad to announce that the new book  "Pictopoems of Berlin" - with original art by Tatiana Arsénie and poetry by Irina Moga is available now at

I hope you enjoy it - it makes for an enjoyable read and an elegant gift.

Here is the description of the book from the back cover:

Pictopoems of Berlin blends original art and poetry in a walkthrough of Berlin and its reflection on our imagination.

Made for the art, literature and travel aficionado, the book fuses the boundaries of drawings and poetry in an unassuming and introspective manner.

From its pages, a dreamy walkabout of Berlin emerges - with its boroughs, cafés, churches and architectural landmarks – that take us to less known corners of the city.
Tatiana Arsénie’s sketches of Berlin impart a secretive and fiery air to buildings and urbanscapes.

Irina Moga’s poetry adds an off-the-cuff commentary to capture the fleeting moment.
Decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Pictopoems of Berlin brings us a view of Berlin – “a terrace verging on silence” - in praise of freedom.

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