Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Painting - July 2012

And here we are, July 2012 - elated that I am able to post  my latest painting, completed at end of June on my blog.

I was especially energized to complete this work.

My Canadian friend, Irina, thought one of her poems resonates well with the painting, so I thought to include both the painting and the poem in this post.

I hope you enjoy them both!

The Harlequin Rose 
Why the quietude?
Inside the antiques store our images whirl around oblong frames, congregating
on edges of plants – a topiary that attaches itself to thin wires.

Pods, stems, and cones
in dried flower arrangements.

Against porcelain.

Against the cool, almost resonant & transparent mood of the penumbra
where our fingers are laced through
as we hold a cup against the spectre of the sun.

Our fingers crawl, clad in kaolin, & expect you 
to be the shelter of this transparency, the holder of the harlequin rose,

each diamond, a fixed shadow against the nettling of its hues.

And the moment shepherds us through the blossoming
of a frugal resonance, as we bring the cup to our lips

- a compass over a silence where no petal is due.