Saturday, February 6, 2010

Palm Sunday - An Icon

Palm Sunday is a new theme for me, a theme I developed in one of the icons I painted on glass.

 On Palm Sunday, which is celebrated on the Sunday before Easter, Jesus entered Jerusalem and he was greeted with joy by the people of Jerusalem who were waiving palm tree branches and covered the ground he was to tread on with their clothes.

In Romania, Palm Sunday is called “Duminica Floriilor” and many take willow leaves (reminiscent of palm leaves) to church to be blessed.

Painting icons on glass or wood allows me to create an object of art with profound religious meaning and provides me with the opportunity to explore the play of colors, symbols and techniques at the same time.

This is why I enjoy painting them.


  1. Wonderful achievement Tatiana....congratulations!

  2. Deosebită... am pictat şi eu icoane pe sticlă mai demult... ştiu câtă muncă implică... trebuie să simţi culoarea... altfel nu poţi face lucruri frumoase...

  3. Figurile 'vorbesc'!

    Culoare, echilibru, detalii de atitudine si fizice - talent, pasiune , mult studiu!